Monday, March 6, 2017



What I know
I love to play Xbox one but and I know a lot about it. there is so much to do on the Xbox one that you are not able to do on the PlayStation. Xbox and PlayStation player are always fighting to show what is better and they have to prove it. I really think that Xbox is better because you are able to do so much more than just be able to play games. on the Xbox you are able to do much more that just play games. You are able to go on the internet. There are many more apps on the Xbox than on PlayStation. I have a Xbox one and I love to play on it and my sister has a PlayStation. me and my sister like to fight which one is better PlayStation or Xbox one. I have a friend that also has a PlayStation and he agrees with me too that Xbox is better than PlayStation. I think that the graphics on the Xbox is also way much better than the graphics on the PlayStation. Tomorrow I should be able to get a PC. I do not know that much about PC all I really know that is has the best graphics than any other gaming console. One more think I know is that is more hard to use but one you use the PC the more it gets easy.

What I do NOT know

Tuesday, February 21, 2017


Human cloning

I think that human cloning should not be allowed. The reason why I think that it should be banned is because why would you want to clone your self. There is a lot of things that can go wrong when we clone people. If we clone people then we wont be able to know the real person. other reason why is what if does not go that way you want it to go. what if the clone starts being mean. I do not think that cloning is a good I idea. it would a lot harder for people to be able to which one is the real person. It would be bad that there would be a clone walking beside you and you do not even know. It would not be a trustful world if we cant trust the people around you. you do not know if there fake or not. In this world there is only suppose to be one you and if they are making another there would actually be two of you which I do not think is a good thing. There was only suppose to be one you but there making more than one of you. That is why I think that human cloning should be banned.   

What I like to do

Video games

      I really like to play video games. Everyday I play video games. The reason why I like to play video games is because it is really fun. I like to play video games because you can be so many things. You can be in the army. You can play Minecraft were you would want to survive or go on creative and just built things. I started playing Minecraft four years ago. Minecraft four years ago wasn't that good as it is today. It is kinda cool how you can built what ever you want and be able to show the world what you made. I made this city and I have been working on it for 4 years. It is a really big city.

      My favorite gaming console is the Xbox one. Ever since I was seven I would use Xbox. I had the Xbox 360 before. I never own a PlayStation. I really do not like the way that the PlayStation controller feels. I have played on my friends PS4. I like everything about the PS4 but I just do not like the controller. When I try to use the controller it fells weird because I am so use to the Xbox controllers.

      One thing that I really want to play on is a PC. I use to have a PC but then we gave to my cousin. I never played any games on the PC. I would go to my friends house to play on his computer. I like how it feels when using the keyboard and mouse. This week I should be getting a PC. I would be play games on there all the time when it comes. There are all kinds of games out there for everyone to play. There are even games for girls to play. I also have a Wii U. I never really play on my Wii U but when I just want to relax I would get my Wii U and play a few games. That is why I like to play games

I really like to run. I run every day. I love to go to gym because every time gym starts we would run. I am one of the fastest runners in my grade. In the beginning of the school year we do a mile run. every mile I when finish in 4 minutes. people tell me I should be in track because of how fast I I run. I think it is fun to run. Every day I run. I would play football with my friends and I would always run it to touchdown.

When I was eight years old I use to play Baseball. Me and my cousin would always throw the ball to each other and we would play catch. sometimes when we have enough people we would play a real game. I really like to pitch the ball because I would always give them strikes. My friends would not let me be pitcher because of how good I was. My mom started to see me play baseball and she sign me in. I went to my first baseball practice and they put me in a blue uniform. after practicing I was going to a real game. My first Game I was really scared. I did not think I was going to be good. But after a while I startes to play well. the first game we played we won. I was so happy that we won. from there are started to love baseball.       

Friday, January 27, 2017

Video Games

Video Games

     I like to play games and i know a lot about games. What I really love to play on is my Xbox One. I think that Xbox is one of the greatest gaming consoles. I have been playing on Xbox for about eight years. The first thing I had ever played on was an Xbox 360.

     I have never owned a PlayStation before but really want to. The reason why I never really like the PlayStation is because the controller. The controller is really hard to hold because I use the Xbox controller more. When I use the PlayStation controller it is really hard for me to use any thing because they are in uncomfortable spots. One more thing that I really don´t like about the PlayStation is that I think the graphics on the PlayStation is a little bit different. I really don´t like the way it looks on the PlayStation. The reason why i would like to get a PlayStation is because that is a gaming console. It has some games on there that the Xbox one does not have. 

     I would go to my friends house to hangout and play video games. When we play video games we would always choose witch one we want to play one and when we choose the PlayStation. I really love to play games and I wish i could play on a PC because they say that there graphics on there is really good and that you can play any game you have on your Xbox. It is a little harder to control when using the mouse and the keyboard but once you play on it for a while you should get the hang of it. I never really like to play on like Wii or Wii U. I never was really interested in the games that they had on there and i just did not like how it felt. 

     It felt like it was to big for my hand and that i could not reach to a button because of house big it is. I could sometime have the feeling to play on my Wii U but just for a while then I would just get sick of it and return to my other consoles. every time I am bored or if i have nothing to do then I would play video games and did not know which one to play on. Me and my cousin Jose would always play on my Xbox every time he comes to my house. Me and my cousin love to play on the Xbox. We never really like the PlayStation or the Computer. We really like the Xbox because we had played the Xbox when we were four years old and just fell in love with it. 

     For Christmas he was able to get a Xbox one so we could play on the same game but different Xbox. After a while he was going to move to mexico is is really far away. I was not able to go visit him no more because of that. we could not have played on the Xbox together because he had to start off new at the house there were living at. So he cant play on his Xbox. 

     Once he left to go to mexico I did not have no one to play games with me. Then I remembered that Tyler one of my best friends had a Xbox One so I jumped on my game and told his if he want to play COD (Call Of Duty). The game was one of the games of the year and we played for about nine-hours straight. We had so much fun playing call of duty but after a while my best friend had to go. I did not what to do next so I just started playing on my other stuff and I really hope that I can learn more from other games and be able to play on it more.

Monday, January 23, 2017



Abstract is a noun and concrete is also a noun but there still different things. The reason why there different is because there two different kinds of noun. Concrete is something you can see and feel. Abstract is the opposite. Abstract is a noun that you are not able to touch or really see. One Abstract noun is happiness. The reason why I choose happiness is because It is a noun that you cant see or touch. shoes is a concrete because you can see it and touch it. I would sometime hear people say they are really angry and that would be call Abstract because they use angry.

Thursday, January 19, 2017



Milbank is a nice place to be. There is so many history about Milbank. Everyone knows each other in Milbank. The School in Milbank is really good. Everyone is trying to help you at School so you are able to graduate. They are really good at helping people to get them to graduate so they can go to college and can get a good job and be able to get a good amount of money so they pay stuff they need to pay. Milbank has been Milbank for a long time. It is really different then a city. Is a place were you know everyone. It is a good place for a family because its a place were there is any bad things going on and it is really fun here. We have this place called Unity. Unity is a good place to hang out with friends. When you go inside they have so much to do. You have to pay to get in but if you have a membership you can just go in. One thing that you can do there is you can go swimming and just hangout with friends. There is a hot tub for people to just hangout and swim. One more thing that is in Unity that is fun is basketball.     

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

This is Milbank



     I think Milbank is a really good place. There is a lot of really fun thing that we do that not a lot of places do. There is a thing called shop with a cop. They vote people to shop with a cop. they do this every your. It get a chance for people to get stuff that they want. It is really fun. The cops are really nice and if you have a hard time try to find something than they will give you good suggestions.

      They also have a place called Unity. They do a lot of fun things there. A lot of people love to go there to swim. It would sometimes be free to get in Unity. Me and my friends love to go there to play basketball. They have this Gym so you can play basketball. There is some people that exercise there to. There is a gym up stares. You have to be at least fourteen to be able to go in there. You can celebrate birthday party's there. It is a really fun place to be at. some people go there just to hang out and talk about stuff. They have a place were you can play ping pong. My friends always come to my house to ask me if i want to go to the gym. I think is one of the funnest place in Milbank.

One more thing that is cool about Milbank is that every winter they would have icy rivers and they would have this place were they have free ice skates. it is free to ride there and they have a warm place there were you can put on the skates. It is really fun to go there with friends and family. There is always people there at night because it looks so great there.

     I think that Milbank High School is really great. The school in Milbank teaches you a lot of stuff.